I’m going to be at the summer school in social epistemology at the Autonomous University of Madrid from the 28th August to the 1st September, giving a talk about Group Inquiry.

I’ll be at ECAP in Munich talking as part of a session on Group Knowledge and Mathematical Collaboration on the 26th August.

I’ll be at the Open sessions of the Joint Session in Edinburgh on the 14th-16th July, talking about group knowledge-how (very quickly).

I co-organisied and spoke at a workshop in Oxford on Collaboration in Mathematics on the 8th and 9th of April. LINK

My paper, Knowledge-how: Interrogatives and Free Relatives is up on Episteme pre-print.

I won a prize for designing a proposal for enhancing the impact of my work. The proposal (here) is about using epistemology and particularly work on know-how to help runners.

I presented ‘Knowledge-How, Abilities, and Questions’ at the institute of philosophy, as part of a PLM workshop on the work of Timothy Williamson.


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