The Generality Problem for Intellectualism, forthcoming in Mind and Language [pre-print].

(This paper is basically a longer and much less amusing version of this sketch).


Knowledge-How is the Norm of Intending, in Philosophical Studies, online first [pre-print]

Knowledge-How, Showing and Epistemic Norms, in Synthese online first [pre-print]

(For more on Carmine Caruso).

Knowledge-how: Free Relatives and Interrogatives, in Episteme First View [pre-print]

Under Review

Knowledge-How, Abilities and Questions: Argues for a novel theory of knowledge-how as a distinctive kind of ability to answer a question. Draft paper, along with presentation and commentaries here.

Group Knowledge and Questions: Offers an account of group knowledge in cases of distributed information by appealing to the mereological structure of questions.


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