My work sits at the intersection of epistemology, philosophy of action, and philosophy of language, with a bit of philosophical methodology sitting in the background.

I’ve just written up my PhD thesis, which is about the nature of knowledge-how, and explores a number of issues about how to best integrate linguistic and philosophical arguments about the nature of knowledge-how. I discuss some issues about what the point of having a concept of knowledge-how is, what that tells us about the normative role of knowledge-how (including what epistemic norms might involve knowledge-how), and advance a novel account of knowledge-how.

I am working on a number of papers which are part of this project, which can be found on the papers page.

At the moment I’m starting a new project on group inquiry, which looks to connect social epistemology to the semantics of questions to develop an account of collaborative knowledge-production, and to think about the role of group inquiry in scientific collaboration and democratic deliberation.

I have a number of side-projects on the go including work on measuring knowledge, the speech act of advising, and the relation between skilled action and thought.